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Here was I thinking I would head to Ireland for the fabulous Punches town horse race meeting, some golf and the rugby. I expected to take in some of the most popular attractions in Ireland: the magnificent Giant’s Causeway, the incredible Ring of Kerry, and the magical Blarney Stone. Also, I was thinking to get some entertainment online playing on a live casino.

Irish National LotteryAIrish National Lottery in the Emerald Isle, I quickly discovered that, beautiful though these places might be, the biggest attraction Ireland has to offer is the twice weekly Irish Lottery. The national sport seems to be watching Nuala Carey present the twice weekly Lotto show on the telly!

The Lottery has been a staple of Irish life for over twenty-five years. It offers a selection of diverse games such as: lotto draws, scratch cards and raffles. The centrepiece, however, is the national lottery, which is also called the Irish Lotto.

The jackpot is always more than €2 million and regularly tops the €5 million mark. It even surpasses the €10 million total sometimes!

Playing the Irish National Lottery might not only help you to become a Euro millionaire, the balance left over from the other half of the funds that are paid out in prize money goes to worthy causes in Ireland such as the arts, cultural heritage and investment in sports, such as Gaelic Games.Prizes are tax-exempt and are settled in a single lump sum payment!

You do not have to live in Ireland to play the national lottery. It’s easy to go online and claim your prize by signing up to as many number of games and draws that suit your pocket best!